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Our mantra as Wedding Photographer

Our Journey

At Gulzar Sethi Photography its all about creating memories ! We are a crazy and fun team of Creative, Lens & Trigger Professionals. Fervorous Wedding Photographers with a passion for Wedding Photography, People, Tradition, Festivities, Romance and Fairy tale Weddings. 

In India, Gulzar Sethi embarked on the journey as a Wedding Photographer in 2011. In a short span of time we have created our own cozy niche. With excellence in creativity and very satisfied clients we are now one of the most beloved Wedding Photographers. 

Back in the days, Wedding Photography, Candid Photography and Cinematography in India, were the trending genres in weddings. We are fortunate to be among the first wave of wedding photographers and to be a part of the wedding photography revolution in India.

In our journey of 6 years, we have been extremely fortunate to cover weddings across the country. We have laughed, cried and made memories to cherish a lifetime with each of our clients. Just as no two love stories are the same, our journey as wedding photographers too has been quite unique. We have shot an array of weddings, from a wedding in a small town to a Royal Wedding and each of them have a charm of their own. 

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

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We are creative people

What started as a single man’s journey, today has grown into a full fledged team of wedding photographers. Our in-house team is a bunch of like minded, creative and witty people each having their own personality which shines through their work. They are free to create, experiment and explore their talents whilst keeping the clients brief on top of their mind. 

We believe in a 3 word Mantra: Connect, Interact & Personalize. In turn we credit our success to this mantra as Day by Day we are inching towards the 1 Million Social Media Fanbase mark. It is extremely humbling to see the numbers grow right before our eyes. But even more humbling when the numbers are the calls, messages and one on one interactions with people. This make us realize how many lives we touch just by our images and videos.