Wedding Short Film I Shagun + Shreemit

Destination Wedding in Silvassa I Mahesh + Bhavna

Shiva – Wedding in Banaras by GulzarSethi Part-1



Wedding cinematography differs a lot from traditional wedding videos. Wedding films are based on the concept of storytelling. It is the story of the journey that the couple has gone through to reach this status of marital bliss. Wedding cinematography involves sound effects, editing, and music to enhance the quality of the video. Family, friends, relatives, and most importatntly couples narrate so many cute as well as emotional incidents about their relationships. They express what they feel for each other.
Gulzar Sethi Photography has taken wedding cinematography in India to the next level. Their experience always give them an edge over their rivals. Couples will definitely prefer a videographer with higher level of experience of videography. Sometimes, couples love to have a glimpse into the previous works of the wedding videographers.
At Gulzar Sethi Photography, we have unique style that appeals to our clients. Our expertise to undertake the best wedding cinematography in India. Our equipment are always hi-tech and updated. We use gadgets and technologies that help us i9n making the best ever wedding videos.
Today, wedding cinematography is more popular than traditional wedding videos. We cater to the expectations and needs of our clients and satisfy them to the fullest. Cinematography is the perfect amalgamation of storytelling and shooting creativity. Gulzar Sethi Photography team knows how to bring up the best ever moments in a wedding, such as, the bride and the groom smiling at each other, the bride wiping her tears and so on. We specialise in weaving a magical story out of the video shoot, the monologues of the family, relatives, couples, and the special wedding moments.
The effective utilisation of high quality gadgets, cameras, sounds, music, special effects and so on enhance the simple wedding video and turns it into a magical one. Wedding cinematography in Delhi makes the boring wedding videos interesting and appealing.